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The Dream Centers of Colorado Springs is a nonprofit organization with a vision to provide health and hope for people working to rebuild their dreams. We collaborate, provide holistic care, and balance our motives of compassion and justice in order that broken lives may be restored to wholeness. The Women's Clinic is a free clinic where we provide gynecological and mental health services to women between the ages of 18 and 65 years old who do not have insurance.

The Clinic Director position is a 32 hours a week position with full benefits and a competitive salary.
A. Participation by the provider will include complete history taking, complete physical examination, initiation of diagnostics and therapeutics, performance of minor procedures, patient disposition and arrangement for appropriate follow-up.
B. Administers and prescribes medications according to the approved formulary, and documents each medication administered or prescribed on the patient’s chart. Each written prescription order shall be signed by the physician assistant and shall contain in legible form the name, address and telephone number of the supervising physician and the name of the physician assistant.
C. Initiates and maintains accurate records, appropriate legal documents, and other health care reports.
D. Performs clinical procedures that have been approved by the medical director as indicated.
E. Consults with colleagues, supervising physicians, specialists, and other health/social services/mental health professionals as appropriate.
F. Educates and informs patients regarding the nature of the illness and the progress of evaluation and treatment. Educates patients regarding health promotion and disease prevention.
G. Participates in formulating, interpreting, implementing, and evaluating objectives, policies, and procedures.
H. Participates in various committees and regular meetings to improve the quality of health care and further the objectives for the Dream Centers.
I. Oversees and directs nursing, medical, and clerical personnel in provision of patient care by making and reviewing work assignments, establishing priorities, coordinating activities, and resolving related work problems.
J. Work in close association with the entire staff and lead volunteers to build and maintain a strong team environment and complete the work necessary to fully serve and support the ministries of the Dream Centers Women’s Clinic.
K. Participate in the Kingdom of God by representing Christ at all times in action and speech.
L. Attend and support a local, Scripture-believing church with your tithe.
M. Maintain confidentiality with sensitive information.
N. Work with the Executive Director by performing any other duties when asked to do so.

A. Works to implement vision for the clinic.
B. This is a 32 hour per week position. The provider will offer direct patient services at 24 hours per week with 8 hours of administrative time per week.
a. Direct patient services: new patient visits follow-ups, consultations with other providers related to patient care.
b. Administrative time: student and provider recruitment, meeting attendance, networking, and conducting in-services.

A. Current (active) licensure in as a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner in the State of Colorado including demonstration of continued competency through state required continuing education or retesting, as required by board rules.
B. Current National certification (NP-C, PA-C).
C. Certification in Basic Life Support (BLS).
D. Current United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) license.
A. Strong communicator and visionary leader who own the values, vision and mission of the clinic and externally leads all staff and volunteers in carrying out the mission.
B. Master's degree in nursing (NP) or as a physician assistant (PA).
C. Minimum of 3 years practice, with education, experience/training in primary care/internal medicine and women’s health.
D. Demonstrated knowledge of and skill in customer service, conflict resolution, counseling, problem solving, decision making, oral communication, written communication, interpersonal relations, adaptability, change management, results orientation, and teamwork.

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