Our Team at PACrossmatch

Our team consists of three practicing physician assistants (and some uber-smart website designers/programmers). Together we have over twenty years of medical experience across 8 different specialties. We have worked in a wide array of settings from outpatient private practice to surgical assisting to inpatient critical care management. We have been involved in the physician assistant recruitment and placement process from the get go. Our goal is to utilize our expertise to help you find what you are looking for.

Charla Staggs

Charla has been working as a physician assistant since 2006. Her experience in working for both a private practice and a non-profit hospital organization brings invaluable knowledge in the intricacies of each. She has worked in various specialties but has now found a home in dermatology and sees it as both professionally rewarding and providing time for a “life” outside of medicine. She enjoys sharing her experiences with her peers so that the physician assistant profession will continue to grow, expand and be a vital part of health care in our nation. She enjoys life to the fullest and is extremely passionate about everything she is involved in. In fact she has been told if someone was not there to keep her on the ground she might float away because of her enthusiasm. Passions outside of work include running (especially trails, she cannot get enough of being on a trail),hiking, biking (however not as talented on bike as she is on foot) and food & wine (past life included working in the hospitality industry for 14 years… fine dining is in her blood). You want this girl on your team!

Jesse Staggs (Yes, they are married. Ahhhhhh how cute!)

Jesse has been working in neurosurgery since becoming a physician assistant in 2007. He has worked in various neurosurgical settings and been pleased with the variety within the specialty itself. He currently works with a neurosurgical group providing surgical assisting and operative patient management. Over the last 5 years he has developed a new found interest in bringing along newer PAs by sharing his training and experiences with them so they may find a position that they enjoy and can build into a career. His motto, “We worked too hard to not be happy.” In his free time he pretends to be a runner. He enjoys entering road races and under preparing for them, not to mention the inevitable leg cramps that follow. He says he goes for the post race party, but we have our doubts. He also enjoys eating his way through Oregon’s best produce and spending time at various Willamette Valley vineyards with his wife (see above) and dog Lilly. You want this guy on your team!

John Navarro

Prior to entering the PA profession, John taught high school math and science, wrote professional development software, created internet tools and games for elementary school children, slung coffee as a barista (before Starbucks!), and performed live music for audiences around California. Having initially been interested in medicine, he ultimately chose to raise a family with his college sweetheart while completing his epic career tour. In 2003, he briefly contemplated a return to medical school before learning about the wonders of physician assistants. He has since become a PA evangelist, educating and inspiring people about the PA opportunity. After building a solid foundation in internal medicine, John is now a senior PA in cardiac surgery. His experiences highlight the wide variety of PA providers as well as demonstrate the versatility of the profession. In the same week John can be found: assisting cardiac bypass with an aortic root replacement, cameraman for exploratory lung thorascopy, harvesting vein for emergent femoro-popliteal bypass, attending his child’s dance recital, and playing mean disco funk bass to a packed high-energy dance crowd. You want this guy on your team!